EquiMag Products

Your One-Stop, Natural Horse Health Source

Looking for non-invasive ways to help your horse feel better or keep
him/her at their peak?  Look no further.  Magnetic therapy and Massage
therapy are proven to help heal and keep your horse at his best!

Services offered:
  • Experienced Equine Mssage and Bodywork
  • Chiropractic consulted products
  • Durability and ease of use
Who is EquiMag?

EquiMag Products is for those looking for non-invasive ways to help your
horse feel better, move better, perform at his/her peak and stay there!  We
offer a leg up on the winning edge!
What We Do:

EquiMag offers consulting, massage and magnetic therapy products...got a
question?  Don't hesitate to ask!
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EquiMag® Products
About EquiMag

Looking for top of the line, well-researched, magnetic therapy products for
your horse?

Looking for a highly-educated individual that is dedicated to helping our
equine partners feel and perform at their peak?

EquiMag Products were produced with the direction of a certified
chiropractor and competitor,
Dr. Jill Beatty, to provide the best possible
source of healing for your horse.  Why purchase products with magnets
placed just anywhere when strategic magnet placement makes a
difference?  With proper magnetic placement, a magnetic product can treat
more than just the area the magnet is placed over...you can treat more of
your horse, with fewer products, meaning savings for you, and added
benefits for your equine athlete!

Jesi Kay Kindt was a sports medicine and biology major in college, and
knows what it takes to make an athlete feel better.  We ask our equine
partners to perform at their peak, yet how can they do that if they do not
feel at their peak?  We ask them for their best, let's give them the best.